Cloud Computing Solutions

Today, the demand for efficient use of resources and optimal cost while ensuring convenience, flexibility, security, and safety applications become essential in many organizations’ operations. Therefore, cloud computing technology is the right choice to help organizations save costs, increase profits, and simplify management.

As a partner of the world-leading virtualization and cloud computing solution providers such as Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, VMware, IBM, Oracle – SVTECH has been providing these solutions to customers with large IT systems such as VNPT, Mobifone, ACB, Vietsovpetro, HTV,… Outstanding solutions that SVTECH has deployed include virtualization of workstation, cloud computing with an On-demand resource allocation feature. User creation and customized resources, payment; hybrid cloud solution; Multi-cloud solutions (security, integration, management)…

Security Solutions

Today’s issues regarding IT systems issues are cyber-attacks/cybercrimes that are increasingly more common and complex than ever. Such violations are becoming permanent threats to IT system network security. Challenges to ensuring information security become even more complicated when dealing with cybercrime such as intentional breaches, well-organized cyber attacks using complex multidirectional layers, unprecedented malware variants, and the exploitation of Zero-day security vulnerabilities. These kinds of attacks are seriously affecting the organization and enterprises’ business operations.

To meet IT systems’ security and safety requirements, SVTECH has always stood side-by-side with the customers to consult and implement top security solutions from IBM, McAfee, Juniper, F5, FireEye, Netscout, TrendMicro… SVTECH has offered solutions to VNPT, ACB, Techcombank, Vietnam Electricity (EVN), Mobifone, PVI, Vinamilk,… The solutions spread across multiple fields: Security information and event management (SIEM); Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR); database security; web and application security; network security, network access control, data loss prevention; APT protection…

Data solutions

It can be sure that data is the most critical asset of any organization. Therefore, properly storing, exploiting, integrating, managing, and protecting data will help organizations increase their competitive advantage, improve business efficiency, and respond to continuous market change.

With long-term cooperation and years of experience in data solutions such as Oracle, IBM, Symantec, Commvault,… As a strategic partner, SVTECH has provided data solutions to large enterprise customers such as Viettel, Mobifone, ACB, VPBank, Saigonbank, Techcombank… The data solutions SVTECH has deployed include Database (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server,…), Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Virtualization, Data Guard, Data Replication, Data Protection, Data Integration, Database migration, backup and disaster recovery solutions…

Geographic information system solutions (GIS)

Geographic information systems, also known as GIS, were formed in the 1960s and are widely used in many fields such as defense, environmental resources, infrastructure management,… In Vietnam, GIS is gradually applied and exploited by many management agencies such as resources, infrastructure, electricity, water, telecommunications, television, and transport… GIS is not just for managing geographic information but also for helping organizations/ enterprises develop strategy, planning, business support, and customer care.

With the co-operation with ESRI and other partners and practical implementation experience in most fields, SVTECH can apply advanced solutions and ensure quality for customers. This is evidenced by the fact that customers have trusted SVTECH to be a strategic solution provider to support their development strategies. Some of our Customers are Electricity of Ho Chi Minh City (EVN HCMC), Central Power Corporation (EVN CPC), Saigon Water Supply Corporation (SAWACO), General Department Central Hydrometeorology, Department of Planning and Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City, Coal, and Mineral Group, …

IT/OT Automation Solutions

In the past, information technology was often separate from operational technology (OT). Now, with the proliferation of connectivity technologies and digital transformation initiatives, the link between IT and OT has become closer than ever. IT / OT Automation solutions will support the transformation, connecting IT with operational technology and business operation, supporting business operations to be continuously maintained, standardizing IT platforms’ processes, and enhancing decision-making processes and requirements for business operations.

SVTECH, together with customers such as Viettel, Techcombank, SBS, MBBank,… gradually built and standardized IT processes management according to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library Standards). SVTECH has cooperated with leading ITSM solution providers (IBM, BMC Software) to deploy integrated solutions with ITIL-compliant processes, meeting the rigorous requirements of business operations and increasing profits significantly.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

The network system is the IT system’s backbone, providing infrastructure for IT applications and services to operate stably and safely. An organization’s network system needs to meet system capacity, high performance, high availability, security, high scalability, and low cost.

As a partner of the world’s leading network solution provider such as Juniper Networks and transmission Ciena, Infinera, ECI, Ekinops – SVTECH has been bringing high-tech solutions to customers: VNPT, Viettel, Mobifone, FPT Telecom, CMC Telecom, Vinadata, QTSC, SCTV, Vinamilk, PVD, PV Oil, Sacombank, VP Bank, Prudential, Bao Minh,… SVTECH’s specific solutions:

– Solutions for enterprises we offered include Data Center, Campus-Branch, LAN, WAN, SDN, and Security. These solutions support enterprises in building and developing network systems and catching up with the world’s IT trends such as virtualization, cloud computing, new applications and services on cloud platforms, big data,… Our solutions aim to create new business opportunities and increase profitability.

– Solutions for service providers we offered include Broadband Network Gateways, Carrier Ethernet, Core Network, High-speed Provider Edge, Datacenter, Mobile Backhaul, Security. We provide solutions to build and develop a highly flexible, quick response, easy access and operate Network Infrastructure. Our solutions allow service providers to deploy flexible business development models and provide a wide variety of services quickly while reducing costs by optimizing network resources.

– Optical Transmission Networks today have a healthy development in both scale and technological level, meeting the need for large transmission due to the explosion of information in society, especially broadband service development. Optical communication systems ensure high speeds, long distances, flexible system structures, and high reliability. The solution suite includes Coherent optical network systems such as Comprehensive Ethernet, TDM, WDM, ROADM, OTN, ASON / GMPLS…. with the speed of hundreds of Gbit/second for one wavelength, fully supporting modern transmission services as well as compatible with traditional transmission technology, allowing the establishment of transmission networks from the edge network segment to the core network, cross-sea and transcontinental routes. Along with that are solutions for network administration and monitor with virtualization, warning, and transmission error detection. Smart automation solutions such as SDN and NFV support the ability to operate the network entirely.

Server and Storage Solutions

One of the biggest challenges that enterprises and organizations facing today are the explosive growth of new applications, services, and different types of data. This requires critical systems such as servers, connection infrastructure, storage systems, etc. to meet and satisfy additional requirements for various markets such as banking and finance, telecommunications, oil and gas, business, education, and healthcare.

As a strategic partner of Oracle, IBM, HPE, NetApp, Dell, Hitachi Vantara… SVTECH is always at the forefront of innovation, providing comprehensive solutions for customers with different requirements for each market:

– Operating system: Unix (Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX), Linux (Redhat, Oracle Linux),…
– Server: Series of Unix servers such as Oracle M series, Oracle T series, IBM P series, Oracle x86 Server, HPE, Dell,…
– Storage: Storage devices range from entry, midrange, enterprise to all-flash / hybrid series from Oracle, Hitachi Vantara, IBM, HPE, NetApp, Dell, …
– Currently, SVTECH has been providing these solutions to typical customers such as Mobifone, Viettel, VNPT, Vietsovpetro, Petronas, PVCFC, Sacombank, ACB, VPBank, Prudential Financial, PVI Sun Life, – Vingroup, Saigon Newport Corporation, HTV, Today TV, Vinamilk, Vietnam National University, Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant, Vietnam Electricity,…

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

A qualified data center is an essential requirement for an IT system to operate stably at high efficiency and ensures the security of valuable data for enterprises and organizations. Applying the latest world standards such as ANSI / TIA-942, ASHRAE, TIA / EIA-568-C, ISO / IEC 11801, IEC, NEC, NEMA, UL, NFPA, IEEE STANDARD 1100-1999; combined with advanced technology solutions from famous manufacturers such as Emerson, Schneider, Carlo Gavazzi, AzeoTech, Honeywell, Axis, Belden,…

SVTECH has been consulting, designing, and implementing complete data center infrastructure with all essential items. For instance, we offer categories such as precision air conditioners, UPS backup power systems, distribution power systems, lightning protection systems, automatic fire warning and extinguishing system, physical security system (Access Control and CCTV), structured network cable system, data center monitoring, and control system for many customers such as VNNIC, Prudential Finance, Southern Power Corporation (EVN SPC), Vietnam CP, Thanh Thanh Cong Group, Hochiminh City Power Corporation (EVN HCM)…

Internet of Things solutions

With the rapid development in technology and the cost of using telecommunications services, the Internet has recently formed an environment or a society that connects people with people, connects people with devices and devices with other devices. Thereby rapidly creating and developing fields related to smart devices, automation, and monitoring,…

With the motto of always maintaining research and development activities towards customer service and practical application of technology, SVTECH has built professional IoT solutions with world-leading partners to meet demands such as conducting surveys, consulting, and deploying customers.

Digital Business Automation Solutions

Business automation solutions by digital technology allow applying information technology to automate business processes to shorten time, increase productivity, reduce costs, monitor, evaluate, and improve.

Business automation solution allows organizations and enterprises to connect systems from Front-end to Back-end horizontally and vertically. Also, organizations and enterprises can digitize these processes from the type of forms to the receiving, handling, transferring, tracking, automating the entire operations, making decisions, and deploying appropriate products and services quickly. The solution allows the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to replace humans’ work on the computer, with higher efficiency, accuracy, and the ability to monitor, evaluate, and upgrade.

SVTECH is currently cooperating with many world-leading technology providers such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, … To deliver the best specific solutions such as ESB, RPA, BPM, ECM, OCR, … to our dear Customers.

Multimedia Solutions

With the rapid development of entertainment equipment and improved quality evaluation for the audiences’ program, this poses a significant challenge for TV program producers to retain and attract audiences.

With many years of experience in implementing specialized projects in digital content, SVTECH has partnered with Intel to provide a Camera solution that can apply new technology while allowing enterprises to maintain existing infrastructure. The solution’s outstanding feature is allowing enterprises to centrally manage their systems with low investment costs compared to traditional models. Simultaneously, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in image recognition meets security objectives and delivers in-depth information, opening up application opportunities for smart cities, smart homes, and smart retails…

Cooperating with TV solution providers worldwide such as Etere, Ardis, Harmonic, Hitachi Vantara,… SVTECH has been providing solutions such as transcoding, storage, process and content management, automatic streaming as well as Over-The-Top (OTT) solution with specific requirements of television service for customers such as TodayTV, DatVietVAC, VTC, SCTV,…

Analytics Solutions

Today, the organization’s priority is to provide fast, accurate, and practical business solutions based on diverse multidimensional data sources. Thereby strongly supporting strategy development, planning, improving business management capability, attracting new customers, and taking care of existing customers.

As a partner of leading technology vendors in the world such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft,… SVTECH has consulted and deployed business analysis solutions such as Big Data, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, etc… for many typical customers such as Mobifone, FECredit, Vinaphone, and ACB,… These solutions bring efficiency in both revenue and profit.