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October 20, 2016
October 20, 2016

There is a fact that, the technical applications in today’s enterprise must work around the clock. And the important data stored, backup usually only once / day. Imagine, if power is suddenly failure, what will happen! That’s just one of the dangerous situations that can lead to data loss, in fact exist numerous other risks. This approach was no longer trendy and smart lack of modern enterprise! You will tell the customer why? Convincing with leadership? While, the important data was lost?

Data protection is one of the most fundamental issues of most businesses. Understanding this, Oracle has constantly improved and launched new solutions, to help recover the data and eliminate data loss during the backup process. Help businesses secure the backup process and ensure that other functions operate normally without being affected by this process.

Therefore, the introduction of the new system – Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance Oracle – Provides an unprecedented approach to protect databases which almost eliminates the risk of data loss and minimize costs redundant management while expanding cloud features.

As Chief Technology Officer and Executive Chairman of Oracle Larry Ellison, Oracle is the first technology corporations offer solutions Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, a system designed specifically to provide the basis of data protection. This ensures that the system will provide data protection features supreme, flexible scalability and efficiency. This is the first device ever since to ensure no data is lost, they will be more protected in an optimal way possible. So now rest assured that their data will be safe. This solution also ensures that the organization will not lose any data generated since the last backup.

Giải pháp ZDLRA của Oracle

Oracle is proud that all the current solution significantly reduces the degree of influence by the network and server during backup. In addition, the architecture is designed based on the cloud allows the use of a single device to recover lost data and help manage thousands of the need of protecting other databases. Therefore, it reduces the cost and complexity related to managing hundreds of thousands of databases.

And why this application to receive good signals from businesses, becauses the existing data protection does not meet the current needs of important databases. Instead of handling the file as a trading system with specific performance data, integrity and availability for the ever-changing requirements. Then the current system see it simply as “copying files”. It is because of this reason that there are so many complaints about the loss of data in the backup process, and users affected by the complexity of the process of managing the database. This is the biggest problem, but the solution Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance has successfully solved.

On 09/07/2015 recently, Oracle has officially introduced in Vietnam, organized in cooperation with SVTECH.

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The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance:

  • Eliminates data loss: unique database integration enables continuous transport of redo data to the appliance, providing real-time protection for the most recent transactions so that databases can be restored without data loss.
  • Eliminates production impact: Backup algorithms integrated into Oracle Database send only changed data to the appliance, minimizing production database impact, I/O traffic, and network load. All expensive backup processing is offloaded to the Appliance.
  • Protects data from disasters: The Recovery Appliance can replicate data in real time to a remote Recovery Appliance or to Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service to protect business data from site outages. Database blocks are continuously validated to eliminate data corruption at any stage of transmission or processing.
  • Enables restore to any point in time: The database change data stored on the Appliance can be used to create virtual full database copies at any desired point in time.
  • Reduce data management costs and complexity: The device can store the backup files to tape storage with lower cost and reduce the load of the database server produced.

Ưu điểm của giải pháp ZDLRA

  • Improved efficiency: Zero Data Loss Recovery Solution Appliance can work with thousands of databases. Protecting and managing our optimization through data center systems. Further extending the cloud computing capabilities, depending on space requirements.

The breakthrough of Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance has revolutionized the way data protected and ensuring effective management of costs. In the near future, that is the optimal choice of modern Vietnamese enterprises, to improve the old system and to improve business efficiency.