Oracle storage devices ZS3 – Unparalleled Efficiency for Oracle Applications

October 20, 2016
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October 20, 2016

Oracle storage devices ZS3 Series speed business data analysis and query databases, helping customers reduce the manual adjustment Oracle Database to 65%, superior to NetApp, EMC, IBM and HP.

The features of Oracle ZS3 Series:

The latest Oracle Storage Devices ZFS, ZS3 Series, allowing customers to significantly improve operational efficiency, reduce data center costs and increase the performance of business applications. Backed by an advanced cache architecture, ZS3 Series has achieved the highest throughput, low latency and price rate/ performance better when compared with similar systems NetApp, EMC, IBM and HP.

New storage devices ZS3  Series of Oracle enables customers to promote understanding, reduce risk and cut costs of data centers thanks to high performance, the flexible automation. With a new world record in performance, Oracle ZS3 Series allows customers to execute business functions faster, including supply chain optimization, quarterly closing, a larger assessment business scenarios and speed up database query. It also allows the business to respond to the requirements of the application dynamically while reducing time-to-service/ product to market. To simplify the deployment of Oracle Database, increase database performance and reduce storage requirements, ZS3 Series utilize the capabilities and features of Oracle’s unique storage:

  • Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP) automate the calibration and Oracle Database administrators. Through OISP, Oracle Database 12c transmit metadata to storage device ZS3 to automatically calibrate and reduce to 65% the manual process, simultaneously optimizing database performance and eliminate human error. As a result, customers can do more with the same costs and complete projects faster.
  • The Heat Map feature and Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) of Oracle Database 12c applies different compression levels through the data lifecycle to deliver high database performance on a consistent basis and reduce storage capacity.
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) can extract data from Oracle Database 10-50 times, significantly reducing storage and bandwidth needed, leading to significant cost savings, including lower floor data centers costs, cooling, switches, pipes, cables, rack, floor space and maintenance costs.

Z#’s SMP OS fully utilize a new generation architecture, large cache and the processor multi-core to provide users with more sustainable bandwidth to 32GB / s within a generation single system. This allows ZS3 support thousands of virtual servers on each system, easily handling the extra large flow of I/O.

ZS3 is the only storage system is capable of analyzing the system status and performance of applications dynamically in real time, allowing customers to visually see the CPU, caches, protocols, disk, memory, network and other system data … all at the same time. An independent study shows that Dtrace Storage Analytics, a standard feature on the Oracle ZFS storage devices, allowing customers faster troubleshooting by 44% with lower complexity by 38% than the NetApp FAS3270 , leading to save about 27000 USD per system per year in management costs.

ZS3 Series is equipped with a Hybrid Storage Pools design is enhanced to provide 4 times greater storage efficiency, for better caching for critical data and improve performance record that brings lowest latency response. Architecture of ZS3 Hybrid Storage Pools has been optimized for flash memory and multi-core since 2008, and the latest version brings double improvements in the overall response time than previous generations.

With intelligent caching algorithms of the ZS3, up to 70% I/ O is available from DRAM – Up to 2 TB per system, one thousand times quicker than flash drives and more than 10 thousand times faster compared with traditional harddrives, helping to speed up the data query.

Assessment of clients and partners.

  • Kevin McCann, COO of Continental Resources:” Oracle ZS3 Series can provide the best integrated with the Oracle Database client by using features such as Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocal and Hybrid Columnar Conpression to remove the guesswork out from the calibration and configuration. Now we can help our customers to achieve storage solution is designed for the highest performance applications. Especially when operating on-Oracle-Oracle”
  • Jasson Peterson, Oracle solution architect of Forsythe: “The test results of new Oracle’s ZS3 devices show that users are able to achieve better performance with less storage system needs to manage. As a Platinum member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, we see value for our Oracle customers to optimize data resource center  that ZFS Storage Appliance brings”