October 20, 2016
Oracle storage devices ZS3 – Unparalleled Efficiency for Oracle Applications
October 20, 2016

New breakthroughs in the solution group “Backup – Data Recovery”, “Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance” is the latest solutions of Oracle. And now, it is exclusively owned by Oracle.

At 9:00a.m Thursday, July 9th 2015, SVTECH – ORACLE co-organized a seminar to update the latest information on “Backup – Data Recovery” technology solution to customers who are operating in the Finance and Banking (FSI group) in Vietnam.

Hội Thảo Oracle

Mr. Paisit, The Oracle’s Professional was introducing incomparable superiority of “Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance”

Hội Thảo Oracle

The experienced engineers highly focused on listening.

The seminar was highly appreciated by customers because of practical and technological breakthroughs in Oracle.

Such as:

  • “Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance” eliminates data loss.
  • Eliminates production impact.
  • Restore to any point in time.
  • Protects data from disasters.
  • Reduces data management costs and complexity.
  • Improved efficiency.

SVTECH with extensive experience in the field of System Integrators in Vietnam will heartedly assist customers take advantages of technology Oracle to applications.

Hội Thảo Oracle

SVTECH’s dynamic team on the sidelines of seminar