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October 20, 2016
October 20, 2016

Annual SVTECH Teambuilding 2015, with the theme “Up Your Power” never hotter than that, which took place in 4 days 16 – 19/4.

“Up Your Power” as an affirmation of all SVTECH members after miracle of 2014. Step parentheses represents the growth in stature, come from the hands of the collective effort and not a blessing or transient performance.

Booting jubilant journey “Up Your Power” is the football friendly match between two teams from two SVTECH’s domain.

Lineup monumental, and play professionally is equally compelling as the national team’s players have done for air warming.

The atmosphere outside the stadium is equally passionate by the enthusiastic cheers of the spectators.

An important element of any periodic indispensable teambuilding, 17/4 morning SVTECH met with the company to evaluate, and develop joint action programs directed to the “Hattrick 1000”.

The SVTECH members together contribute constructive ideas for the upcoming goals of the company.

Journey conquering “Up your Power” begins with an impressive game, teams up with the idea for the film contest entitled “Amazing Story”. Initial start-breaking paintings with numerous Teambuilding challenges await in the rear of the trip.

Truly explosive energy to the main part of the journey, “Up Your Power”, when members together to mount and burn out over the game “Conquer Up Your Power” in the Outdoor Teambuilding. Overcome the ultimate challenge of the game, the team together grafted the strength symbol “Up Your Power pyramid”.

Summarizing award itinerary teambuilding, awards were given as tribute to the efforts of the team. Photos are prizes for best dramatic film team.

Awards for the best team of friendly matches.

The final summation to the best teams with many different emotions. Then SVTECH members enjoy dinner together and share their experiences on the trip… Gala Dinner is the highlight also closed for the whole journey, with new energy sources, new plans,… for the new development stage. All promises for new SVTECH stature in the future.