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October 20, 2016
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October 20, 2016
Virtual Storage Platform HDS

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has announced the introduction of new products in their storage virtualization (Virtual Storage Platform – VSP).

Storage virtualization for the masses.

With the latest addition to Hitachi VSP product line – with the model G200, G400, G600 and forthcoming G800 – HDS is the only IT vendor to meet the requirements of customers from low-end to system Mainframe systems with just one product line. The expansion of the range of powerful software features are integrated into the whole Hitachi SVOS allow the VSP offer storage virtualization naturally and availability multi-site storage active- active – as well as the functional migration, replication and data management. Now, customers can choose the system based on the actual needs for capacity, performance and cost to meet their business goals, rather than relying on the difference in functionality.

These customers are looking for smaller systems, now have access to the same virtualization technology that was previously only available on high-end of the HDS system, has achieved the highest score in the Critical Capabilities report for General-Purpose, High-End Storage Arrays, Gartner. These features have proven to constitute leap in unifying and simplifying the user’s environment in all sizes and allow the migration simpler, easier administration and the ability to recover fully without the help of other complex devices.

Virtual Storage Platform HDS

The features and benefits first:

  • Provides consistent performance, accelerated by flash with flash Tiering and leading IOPS (1.4M IOPS sub-millisecond).
  • Eliminate the common fault to most midrange system with a new architecture based on VSP G1000.
  • Achieve 100% uptime and protection against data loss in the site with the global-active device features.
  • Automatically allocate and apply policies to protect by application with the advanced storage administrator.
  • Storage administrators centralized infrastructure and a software-defined (software-defined infrastructure) with the leading storage virtualization.

Hitachi storage Virtualization operating system.

In big step towards this goal, HDS is extending its SVOS platform to the extension VSP  product line, basically put the power and potential of storage virtualisation to the reach of the organization wanting to own them, to bring the highest benefit in terms of performance and storage efficiency in the present and future.